The Panasonic Electric Fan Q takes the concept of cooling to a whole new level.

Keeping you comfortable with a smooth, cool air flow.

1/f fluctuation is a natural rhythm for added comfort.
Instead of a consistent flow of air,this fan produces an irregular air flow that imitates natural wind. It was created by measuring the wind in Shinshu City in the Tateshina Highlands.

The Electric Fan Q circulates a powerful air flow in a linear motion.

The Electric Fan Q has an inductive air flow structure that magnifies the air taken inthrough the inlet by around 7 times.*1
The equally powerful turbo air flow provides efficient cooling for your room with a straight, even air flow.

○Be sure to place this product on the provided stand before use.
*1 Comparison of air flow from vents when run on highest setting with no induction (1.2m3/min) and air flow 0.75m from the front with induction (8.6m3/min).

Electric Fan "Q" - A breath of fresh air for your day-to-day

Package size :
W292 x H334 x D292 mm

Power Source 220-240V
Power Consumption (in 20℃ room) 18.5W (Min. 2.5 W)
Size (Stand included) 250 (W) × 277 (H) × 250 (D) mm (φ 250mm)
Weight Approx. 2.1 kg
Motor DC motor
Air flow settings 5 speeds
Shut-off timer 1 hour/ 3 hours
Power cord length 2.0 m (AC Adapter)
Colour -N (Champagne Gold)
Manufacturing Country Japan
Gross Weight Approx. 2.6 kg
Operating Instructions Chinese (simplified), English

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