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A “Tourist Model” refers to a Panasonic product that tourists are able to use in their respective countries (areas) after they purchase it in Japan. The Tourist Models are also available for individuals from Japan who go on business trips or live overseas. These models are made based on overseas electric specifications, which are therefore not sold at general retailers. Please visit the specialty agents to purchase these models.

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List of Authorized Service Centers for Japan Tourist Models
Electricity Condition of Several Countries (Areas) of the World
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For use of electric/electronics products outside Japan

Electrical Appliance Standards

The regulations concerning electrical appliances differ from country (area) to country (area). Many countries (areas) have regulations that are different from those in Japan.

1. Laws and standards

Electrical appliances used in Japan are manufactured to meet the safety standards of Japan. Japan's Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law prohibits domestic sales of electrical appliances manufactured for overseas use without a special permit. Therefore, Tourist Models manufactured to meet the electrical conditions of other countries (areas) must be purchased at the travel shops that are authorized to sell them. Each country (area) has its own safety standards and radio wave control laws similar to those in Japan, and the laws and regulations vary from country (area) to country (area).
Some countries (areas) have laws that prohibit the use of certain products. Therefore, when you purchase electrical appliances in Japan, please check the laws and regulations of the country (area) where the products are to be used.
Since Tourist Models are designed with overseas specifications, they cannot be brought back to Japan and used.

2. Stores carrying Tourist Model

Electrical appliances manufactured to meet the electrical conditions of other countries (areas) (Tourist Models) are not sold at regular stores. You can purchase Tourist Models only at stores that are registered in accordance with the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law. Please consult those stores regarding electrical appliances for use in countries (areas) other than Japan.

3. Power source and voltage

In Japan, the line voltage is 100V, and the frequency is either 50 or 60Hz.
Power sources vary from country (area) to country (area), within a range of 100 to 250V. The frequency of the power source is also different in many countries (areas). Please be sure to use the product with the correct power supply.
Using products with the wrong voltage or frequency can impair their operation,and can also cause considerable damage to the product.
Be sure to use only products with the correct specifications for the country (area) in which you are using them.

4. Power cord plug and batteries

The configuration of power cord plugs also differs from country (area) to country (area). In some cases, different plug types are used even in different regions of the same country. There are about 15 different types in the world, and the most common are A-2, BF (S-3), B-2, B-3, C-2 and O (S-2). Please check the plug type when purchasing electrical appliances. Battery sizes are standard worldwide. The SUM-1, SUM-2, and SUM-3 batteries used in Japan can be purchased in almost every country (area). However, other battery types might be difficult to obtain.

Warranty and servicing

Tourist Models are provided with a Tourist Model Warranty.

■Tourist Model Warranty

When you purchase a Tourist Model, a Tourist Model Warranty will be issued to you (except for some models). Please fill in the warranty card at the time of purchase. This will entitle you to repair service with no charge for parts for 1 year and no charge for labor for 1 year at any of the authorized service centers listed on the warranty card.


Some products are designed for use in certain countries (areas) and are so designated. If these products are used outside of those countries (areas), the warranty may not cover repair service even during the warranty period. If there is no authorized service center near you and the product must be shipped for servicing, you may have to bear the cost of shipping and packaging even during the warranty period. If the parts required for repair are not in stock at the authorized service center, there may be some delay in repairing and returning the product. For details, please read the Tourist Model warranty card.

■Authorized Tourist Model Service Centers

Tourist Models are accepted for servicing and repair at authorized service centers worldwide. For details, please read the Tourist Model warranty card.


Points to remember when purchasing products, and when entering or leaving countires (areas) :

■Operating manual

The languages used in the operating manuals are indicated in the explanatory notes for each product.

■Duty-free sales

Tourist Model stores offer duty-free sales of Tourist Models, exempting purchasers from the ordinary consumption tax on the condition that the products are purchased for overseas use and will not be brought back to Japan. For dutyfree purchases, you must present your passport, and complete and sign an agreement form.

■Import duty

Some countries (areas) impose duties on electrical appliances brought into the country (area). The rate of duty varies depending on the type of product and the purpose of import. However, many countries do not impose duties on products that are considered personal effects.

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* Since Tourist Models are designed for countries (areas) other than Japan, you are not allowed to bring them back and use them in Japan.