Sonic vibration toothbrush made using state-of-the-art Japanese technology.

Scoops out the bacteria that cause gum disease from periodontal pockets*1

Cleans your teeth and gums gently but powerfully and thoroughly

Power control

Maintains constant brush strokes regardless of how hard it is pressed against the teeth. If you press the brush too hard against your teeth, the brush strokes are controlled to prevent over-brushing.

Multi-fit brush

Thoroughly cleans tooth surfaces.

2-minute quick charge*2 and 1-hour fast recharge

You can clean your teeth once (for approx. 2 minutes) from a 2-minute charge

Approx. 60 minutes of use from a roughly 1-hour charge

Linear sonic vibration*3 and ion power are more effective at removing plaque than manual brushing

Holding the ion panel as you brush sends a faint electrical current from the brush into the mouth by way of the ions in the saliva.

Scoops out the bacteria that cause gum disease from periodontal pockets*1

Package size:
W199 x H154 x D83mm

Accessories :

Sold Separately: Replacement brushes
■Ionic brush densely packed with ultra-fine bristles (Set of 2) EW0913-W ¥1,650(Tax included) / ¥1,500(Tax excluded)
■Ionic Multi-fit Brush (Set of 2) EW0909-W ¥1,650(Tax included) / ¥1,500(Tax excluded)
■Point brush (Set of 2) EW0860-W ¥770(Tax included) / ¥700(Tax excluded)
■Ionic two-way silicone brush (Set of 2) EW0906-W ¥1,540(Tax included) / ¥1,400(Tax excluded)

Power SourceType Chargeable
Power Consumption Approx. 5 W (when charging)
Battery Lithium-ion rechargeable
Size 28 (W) × 235 (H) × 33 (D) mm (Including brush)
Weight Approx. 105 g (Including brush)
Colour White
Manufacturing Country Japan (Main unit)
Gross Weight Approx. 697 g
Operating Instructions English,Chinese (Simplified / Traditional)

*1 According to clinical tests by the periodontics department of a dental college
*2 The time that the product may be used may vary according to the ambient temperature and conditions of use.
*3 Vibration within the sonic range
*4 Passes the IPX7 standards test (enough water to cause damage does not penetrate the toothbrush even when immersed for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter).

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