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nanoe™ and double mineral improve hair quality*1

Package size :
W148 x H280 x D148mm

Power Source 220V 50Hz
Power Consumption Approx. 1800 W
Size 216 (W) x 236 (H) x 94 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 620 g
Colour -CN (Copper Gold) / -W (White)
Manufacturing Country China (Design reviewed in Japan)
Gross Weight Approx. 864 g
Operating Instructions English,Chinese (Traditional / Simplified), Japanese

*1 According to moisture and shine given to hair.
●Effects vary depending on the person and the surrounding environment (season, humidity, etc.)


nanoe™ and double mineral*2 helps hair be robust against brushing damage and UV rays.

nanoe™ and double mineral*2 make the cuticles adhere to each other, making hair robust against brushing damage and UV rays.

*2 “Double mineral” means mineral ions generated by two zinc electrodes.

Moisturising effect of nanoe™ on the hair

Evaporation of moisture in the hair causes dry hair. nanoe™ penetrates the hair to provide moisture that leaves your hair soft and neat.

図:「ナノイー」の効果 図:「ナノイー」の効果

About nanoe™

Fine ion particles are gentle on wet skin and hair.
nanoe™ contains over 1000 times as much moisture as mineral ions*3 (volume ratio).

*3 According to a comparison between ordinary ions in air (representative particle size: 1.3nm) and nanoe™ (representative particle size: 13nm).

High-power 1800 W dryer dries your hair 1.5 times as fast*4.

*4 Comparison with standard 1200 W dryer.

● Domestic model EH-NA98 pictured

In addition to its high power of 1800 W, the dryer comes with Panasonic’s unique quick-dry nozzle, which alternates between high and low airflow to prevent tangling.

The quick-dry nozzle loosens wet hair bundles, increasing the surface area that receives air from the dryer.

図:速乾ノズル 図:速乾ノズル

Hot/Cold alternating mode will give you shinier hair.

Hot/Cold alternating mode automatically alternates between hot and cold air, taming frizz and leaving hair neat.

■Comparison of shine in hair
使用比較:使用した場合 まとまり感 ツヤ感アップ使用比較:使用した場合 まとまり感 ツヤ感アップ

【Model trial use】When using the dryer to fully dry hair after washing, like with normal use. Comparison of results with and without Hair Dryer nanocare with Hot/Cold alternating mode (Panasonic survey).

●Effects vary depending on the person and the surrounding environment (season, humidity, etc.)

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