With its unique triangular shape, even cleans corners thoroughly.

Cleans corners with its triangular points

The triangular points get right into the corners of the room and the side brush sweeps them clean as the RULO veers from side to side.

The triangular shape enables it to change directions smoothly, even in narrow spaces
The "house dust sensor" lights up to indicate the grime level.
The corner brushes and V-shaped brush efficiently suck in the swept-up dust
Negative ion plate enables thorough cleaning*1

*1 The wiping function is not a wet wipe. It cannot remove grime such as spilled liquids that have dried onto the floor.

Installed with a variety of sensors, realises Panasonic's own navigation style

Main functions

  • Auto-charging
  • Timer settings (Time setting: To start cleaning between one and nine hours later, Daily: To start cleaning at the same time every day)
  • Grime sensor (House dust sensor)

With its unique triangular shape, RULO cleans even corners thoroughly

Package size :
W480 x H510 x D150 mm

Sold Separately :
【Discontinued】 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Corner Brush [Genuine Part] MC-ARBT1 ¥2,640 (Tax included) / ¥2,400 (Tax excluded)

Power supply Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery life*2 Rechargeable approx. 1,500 times
Dust collection method Dust box (No paper dust bag required)
Dust capacity 0.1L
Charging time required Approx. 3 hours (From the time when the battery is connected and starts to charge, at an ambient temperature of 20℃)
Maximum operating area*3 Approx. 48.6 square metres
Period of continuous use Approx. 100 mins. (With a new fully-charged battery, at a room temperature of 20℃)
Operating time (in auto mode)*3 Approx. 60 mins.
Side brushes 2 positions, left and right
Rotating brush V-shaped brush
Running modes Auto / Extra carefu / Spot / Area memory
Power Source 220V
Power Consumption 33 W (when charging)
Main unit dimensions 330 mm wide, 325 mm long, 92 mm high
Weight 3.0 kg (Main unit only)
Colour -N (Mandarin Gold)
Manufacturing Country Japan
Gross Weight 4.8kg
Operating Instructions Chinese (Simplified)

*2 When used in auto mode. When the ambient temperature is 20℃. However, this can vary according to such factors as the ambient temperature, frequency of use, and the environment and conditions in which the RULO is used
*3 The maximum operating area/operating time is automatically determined according to the size of the room and the amount of dust. The operating area / operating time may vary even in rooms of the same size according to such factors as the location of the battery charger, the positioning of the furniture and the amount of dust.

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