Unparalleled cutting edges created through traditional Japanese forging techniques.

Men’s Shaver Lineup



LAMDASH 3-blade

  • Just like shaving in the bath!
  • Gentle on the skin with minimal irritation
  • Cuts deep for thorough removal of thick facial hair

Package size :
W144 x H200 x D69mm

Sold Separately :
Blade set ES9013 ¥6,000 (without tax) / Outer Foil ES9087 ¥3,700 (without tax) / Inner Blade ES9068 ¥2,700 (without tax)

Power Source RC
Plug A-2
Dimensions 65 (W) × 155 (H) × 50 (D) mm
Weight 145g
Gross Weight 455g
Colour -R(Red) / -W(White) / -K(Black)
Manufacturing Country Japan
Operating Instructions English, Chinese, Japanese


Waterproof design, can be used with foam or gel.

Foam delivering head

Makes it easier for foam or gel to reach the skin.

Rinse through

Rinse off hairs without removing the blades.

Multifit arc blade

Multi-fit arc blade fit tightly to the contours of your skin.

30° angled nano-edged inner blade

Even thick beards can be cleanly shaven.

Hair sensor

Advanced shaving that prevents excess stress on the skin.

Linear motor high-speed drive

High-power shaver cleanly removes even thick facial hair. No hairs are left behind!

Best Suited for Trimming Sideburns and Whiskers

  • Adjustable to 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 mm hair cutting length.
  • Can operate 45 minutes continuously on batteries (UM-3 / R6 /AA x 2).

Package size :
W128 x H35 x D205 mm

Power Source DC 3 V
(UM-3 / R6 / AA x 2) (not included)
Dimensions 34 (W) x 138 (H) x 23 (D) mm
Weight 120g (with batteries)
Colour Black
Manufacturing Country Japan
Gross Weight 165g
Operating Instructions English, Chinese, Korean, Arabic

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