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Electronic bidet toilet from the country of true hospitality.

● For Use Only in Mainland China. (except in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan area)

Electronic Bidet Toilet Lineup




Instant heating for a comfortable wash.

[ RG31JP ]

The water is heated as and when required so there is no drop in temperature

A wash with clean water at just the right temperature whenever you want it. A constant supply of water at a stable temperature.

Various spray patterns for your comfort.

[ RG31JP ] [ EH31JP ]

Pulsating spray

A gentle pulsating spray that switches swiftly between air jets and water droplets.

Warm water spray

Rhythmic spray

Oscillating spray

Wide spray

[ RG31JP ]

Heated toilet seat


Warm air dryer

●For female comfort

Feminine wash / Oscillating bidet spray

Stain-resistance helps to keep it clean and shiny.

[ RG31JP ] [ EH31JP ]

Stainless steel nozzle with no seams
Antibacterial nozzle cleaning

The nozzle is washed for approx. one minute with water heated to 40℃ to kill any colibacilli or staphylococcus aureus bacteria on the surfaces near its holes.

Ag+ antibacterial toilet seat

The toilet seat surface has an antibacterial coating that includes silver ions with a strong oligodynamic effect.

Clean, antibacterial toilet seat

Reliable antibacterial coating that meets the strict SIAA standards.

O Reliable antibacterial coating has been applied that meets the strict standards of the ISO-approved Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA). Global standard (SIAA Mark)
O The ISO 22196 method based on JIS standards
O Antibacterial function confirmed via rigorous measurements.

Ag+ antibacterial control panel

Easy to attach and clean.

[ RG31JP ] [ EH31JP ]

Can be used with most toilets

Fine adjustments can be made to the panel that fixes the toilet seat to the toilet.

Seamless design

The seamless design of the base helps to keep dust and moisture out, and makes it easy to clean.

●The toilet seat and cover are removable

Combines excellent energy-efficiency and comfort

Package size :
W584 x H208 x D525 mm

Water supply system Directly from the tap water supply
Power Source 220V
Power Consumption 1050W
Product Size 462 (W) x 159 (H) x 515 (D) mm
Product Weight 4.0kg
Colour -WS (White)
Manufacturing Country China
Gross Weight 6.3kg
Operating Instructions Chinese (Simplified)

Simple integrated controller

Package size :
W584 x H208 x D525 mm

Water supply system Directly from the tap water supply
Power Source 220V
Power Consumption 465W
Product Size 474 (W) x 159 (H) x 515 (D) mm
Product Weight 3.8kg
Colour -WS (White)
Manufacturing Country China
Gross Weight 5.4kg
Operating Instructions Chinese (Simplified)

[Before purchasing] Please check!

  1. Check that there is a power socket and water supply connection near the toilet.
    (The power socket should be at least 0.8 metres above floor level.
    Do not connect the water pipe to a source of anything other than tap water.For example,do not use recycled water.)
  2. Check the dimensions of the toilet if the conditions in Clause 1 have been met.
    Use these diagrams to check whether the toilet in your home is suitable for use with an electronic bidet seat.

Toilets where a bidet cannot be fitted

It is possible that a bidet cannot be fitted to these types of toilet.


There are various kinds of toilet, and it is possible that a bidet cannot be fitted to the toilet types shown below.
Please contact a retail store if you are unsure.

For enquiries about installation or services, and for enquiries in China, please contact:

Panasonic Appliances (China) Co., Ltd.

8:30 - 20:00 Mon. - Sun.

● Actual product colours may differ slightly from the colours shown.
● In the interest of improvement, product ratings and designs are subject to change without prior notice.
● Products may only be available in small quantities, or may be completely out of stock. Please contact your nearest Tourist Model store to confirm availability.
* No suggested retail prices have been established for products indicated by the phrase “open price”.

● The electronic bidet toilets can be used in mainland China only (not in Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan).