As aromatic and flavourful as professionally brewed coffee.

Fully automatic*1 from bean grinding and brewing to washing out the grinder.

*1 It can also brew coffee from pre-ground beans.

Combined with brewing courses, you can enjoy 4 varieties of coffee with the "grind adjustment filter"

* The coffee menus above are examples. You can choose based on your preference or types of coffee beans.

Keeps coffee warm and ready to drink on low heat

After 30 minutes, the machine automatically lowers the warming temperature to prevent coffee from boiling down.

Other features

Boiling/purifying water cuts down calcium hypochlorite* *2

* Tested by Panasonic. Effects may vary depending on its use.

*2 Cuts down by approximately 80%, based on The Japan Electrical Manufacturer's Association (JEMA) Standard JEMA-HD-065. Tests run on Chinese drinking water with 1 ppm of calcium hypochlorite.

A shower dome that lets you see when dripping starts

Package size :
W245 x H375 x D285mm

Model No. NC-TSC500
Colour - K (Black)
Power supply 220V / 50Hz
Power consumption 750W
Capacity 670mL (5 cups)
Dimensions (approx.) W220 x D245 x H345 mm
Mass (approx.) 3.1kg
Grinder ● (incorporated)
Brewing method Full automatic
Water purification
Charcoal filter
Brewing courses ●(Mild/Rich)
Grind adjustment ●(coarse/medium grind)
Automatic grinder washing
See-through shower dome
Boil-down prevention heating
Automatic heat turn off ●(approx. 2 hours)
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